Kaya Goes to American Indian Festival

I usually don’t like crowds and festivals even though mom likes dragging me to them ALL the time, but this time I was thrilled to go. Marisol went with us as well. She likes playing Indian and calls herself Kachina when she does ((Kachina means Spiritual Dancer, she said she Googled it).

We listened to great music, watched native American dancers and even got to go inside a teepee. Everyone had a great day. By the end of the day we were tired but happy. Here are some pictures from the festival.

Kaya at the American Indian Festival

Kaya at the American Indian Festival

DSCF4203American Indian Festival


DSCF4209 DSCF4215 DSCF4224

DSCF4230 DSCF4231 Mom loves to shop so I ended up with a new purse, a ball and a cape for winter.


2 Comments  to  Kaya Goes to American Indian Festival

  1. Jen says:

    Looks like Kaya had a blast!

  2. Dollfan says:

    I want to be Kaya right now. She looks so happy and look at thwse awesome gifts!

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