Meet Julie, Samantha and Elizabeth

Hey guys, Alisa here. I wanted to introduce you to three more lovely ladies living in this house: Julie Albright, Samantha Parkington and Elizabeth Cole.

Julie Albright is a groovy 70s chick. She is laid-back and a lot of fun. We like to hang out (and get in trouble ) together quite a bit.  Julie travels from 70s to modern times and back. Julie likes to hang out with the guys because she says there is always too much drama with the girls, but she still likes us and we get along just fine. Julie is the favorite of all the males of this household. She loves math (IKR), she often likes to be alone and she is an phenomenal dancer. Here she is. Isn’t she beautiful? :

Julie Albright

Julie Albright

Another friend I am introducing you today with is Samantha Parkington, out Victorian beauty. She is an original American Girl Doll with white muslin body which is apparently a big deal because mom often brags about it. Sam has the most amazing hair I’ve ever seen on a doll (yep, I am jealous) and the longest eyelashes. She is pretty spoiled and has quite a collection of dresses, but she is very kind, generous and always shares with me when I time travel. She says I remind her of her friend Nellie and insists that I dye my hair blond one day. We’ll see about that…

Samantha doesn’t like to go outside because she is afraid to mess her special white body or her beautiful hair, so I couldn’t find any good pictures of her other than this one:

Samantha Parkington

Samantha Parkington

And finally, there is Elizabeth Cole, our colonial girl. We have 2 Elizabeths in the house, not even sure why. I usually hang out with Elizabeth #2 since the original one lives in the room with another mama and four more friends.
Elizabeth #2 looks quite, shy and reserved, but when you get to know her better you see that she is has a great sense of humor, is courageous, witty and has a huge heart. She is very beautiful inside and out and could probably easily win the contest for the prettiest doll in the house. Oh, and she has great hair too.

Elizabeth Cole

Elizabeth Cole



2 Comments  to  Meet Julie, Samantha and Elizabeth

  1. Pat says:

    Beautiful girls! I think Julie makes a great ballerina!

  2. Dollfan says:

    Ahh, WHITE body Sam. It IS a big deal. ;)

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