Beverly and Alisa here!



Hi, it’s me Beverly. And Alisa is me as well. You are probably wondering why I have 2 names. Well, not to get you more confused but my real name is actually Chrissa Maxwell. I was an American Girl Doll of The Year 2009 and used to belong to a little girl Stella whom I loved very much. But then Stella decided to grow up which I didn’t like at the slightest and me and my 11 sisters were put on eBay for adoption.

Stella was never patient and this time she wanted us to find new homes quickly so she could buy herself an iPod.. She said she didn’t want us anymore and than an iPod would be way cooler than dolls (to say my heart was broken is an understatement). So she listed us for a very low price and my new mom (who loves hunting for deals) saw me and couldn’t resist even though she already had Chrissa.

To justify having another Chrissa mom decided to give me a new name and make me a Depression Era girl. She really loved American Girl Doll Kit’s collection, but didn’t have Kit doll at the time, so I inherited the collection and I must say l looked fabulous in it. During a family gathering and after a thorough research on Depression Era names it was decided that I look like Beverly and it became my name..

A few months later a real Depression Era girl aka Kit Kitteridge showed up in our house and asked for her collection back. I wasn’t too fond of the idea because of fear that I would have to look for a new home again, but everything worked out great.

My mom, who is Russian, watched one of her favorite childhood movies “Guest from the Future” about a girl Alisa Selezneva who (among other things) lives in the future and can time travel. Mom always loved Alisa and said I kind of looked like her, so that it would be awesome if I time traveled like her as well. Dad thinks that mom comes up with this stuff just so she can keep us all, but he is a nice guy and is not against it because we make mom very happy. So I became Alisa as well. Here is the “original” Alisa. Do you think I look like her at least a little?: alisa selezneva

I have to say I love being Alisa. I love time traveling and find history fascinating. Kit travels with me too sometimes, but unlike me she doesn’t like to change her outfits (she usually travels in her reporter dress) and mostly just writes about everything she sees. She’ll be a good journalist or a writer one day. I don’t enjoy writing as much as Kit does, and it’s hard to me to stay in one spot for longer periods of time (reason #1 why I often get in trouble), but I do love to learn, to listen and to observe. Maybe I’ll be a historian one day.

Oh, I recently visited Samantha Parkington, American Girl Doll from Victorian Era and if I didn’t have my super powers and couldn’t time travel I would choose to stay with Sam, but I’ll save my Victorian Era stories for some other time…Maybe I’ll ask Kit to write them for me.


Beverly Alisa with love

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  1. Jen says:

    I think you make a gorgeous Alisa! ;)
    And yes, you kind of look like her, mom is right.

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